• Welcome to Ganesha School Of Dance

    Ganesha School Of Dance was started by Rohini Imarati in 1990. The school offers training in Bharatanatyam classical dance and also teaches students about the beautiful culture of Indian Classical dance. In this dance school, students are trained on various dance forms of Bharatanatyam.


    Students of dance school will be trained for:

    • Junior, Senior and Vidwath examinations(Govt. of Karnataka)                  
    • Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya examination( All India Level)                                                     
    • Arangetaram or Rangapravesha                                                        
    • Performing in Annual gathering of dance school                                                                 

    The School also provides various opportunities for students to participate in District, State, and National level competitions. Not just that, the school also organizes various trips across the country to perform at various fests and events.

    Be a part of Ganesha Dance School and explore the beautiful culture of the Indian Classical Dance.

  • Nritya Kusumanjali Cultural Foundation Trust

    The objective of the trust is to nurture and grow the classical dance and music culture in India.

    It also holds interest in inviting artists from overseas and conduct workshops also provide a platform to budding artists to showcase their talent and gain recognition.

    Founded on March 11th 2017 by Rohini Imarati.

  • Latest news, workshops, and events

    29th School Anniversary

    By: Vidushi Smt. Rohini Imarati

    Date: 14th January, 2019

    Venue: Srujana Ranga Mandira, Dharwad


    Nritya Kusumanjali Clutural Foundation Trust

    Inauguration of the Trust

    Date: 1st and 2nd August 2015

    Venue: Sadhanakeri, Dharwad

    Workshop on Abhinaya and Hasta Mudras

    By: Vidwan Sri.G.K Ashwath Harithas(Bengaluru)

    Date: 1st and 2nd August 2017

    Venue: Sadhanakeri, Dharwad

  • About the Guru

    Rohini Imarati

    Vidushi Smt.Rohini Imarati


    Rohini Imarati, dance instructor and founder of Ganesha School Of Dance® was born on 26th June 1960 in Bengaluru. Rohini began dancing and tumbling at the age of 6. Along with education, she trained with Smt. Lalita Dorai and late Shri B.R Tulsiram for over 15 years. She is presently seeking the guidance of Natya Guru B. Bhanumati, Bengaluru.

    After marriage, Rohini moved to Dharwad in 1988. She was ardent about Bharatanatyam and had the urge to keep the classical culture alive. In 1990, she founded Ganesha School Of Dance with just 2 students. Since then, she has trained over 1,500 students both from India and Overseas. With over 27 years of teaching expertise, Rohini has trained her students to take part in various competitions and programs across the globe.

    As an accomplished dancer & classical singer, she has conducted various classical dance and music workshops by inviting proficient dancers & singers. She also organized a Contemporary dance workshop where the students were trained by Julie Beaulieu, a renowned artist & her student from Canada. Rohini has successfully groomed her students to give their 1st public solo performance called “Arangetaram” or “Rangapravesha”.

    Rohini hopes to pursue her dream to keep Bharatanatyam classical dance culture alive and successfully impart her knowledge to aspiring students.


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